If the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, this can lead to interesting data leaks. In the current case, Amazon wants to inspire its Sellers to do business in America. To do this, they send an e-mail to sellers who have registered for the Early Reviewer Program in the US. In this mail Amazon gives numbers from which the German Marketplace turnover (GMV) can easily be calculated. All you need is another number from the last >Letter to shareholder< by Jeff Bezos.

German Sellers do: € 8.57 billion

On the German marketplace, all Merchants generate gross sales of 11.42 billion US dollars or 10.20 billion euros. This corresponds to a net turnover of 8.57 billion euros before returns and cancellations.

Amazon nennt den deutschen Marktplatz Umsatz – GMV – irrtümlich
(Source: wortfilter.de Amazon mail)

And the calculation is so simple

In the mail sent to the sellers Amazon writes the following:

Reasons for expansion in the USA (reduced view)

amazon.com is Amazon’s world’s largest marketplace: 50% of Amazon’s revenue is generated on amazon.com & amazon.com is larger than all European marketplaces put together

-> Customer reach increases enormously (opening up new customer groups), which potentially means more turnover

amazon.com generates 7 times as much revenue as amazon.de, with only half as many merchants

-> Very large potential

(Source: Mail from Amazon to the seller)

(Quelle: https://blog.aboutamazon.com/company-news/2018-letter-to-shareholders)


50% of the turnover is generated via amazon.com = 80 billion US$; the turnover on amazon.com is 7 times as high as the turnover on amazon.de = 11.42 billion US$. Done!

With these figures as a basis, further previously unknown data can be derived!

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