Expert Müller from Saarland ranks as an online retailer Deltatecc the largest electronics suppliers on eBay. To illustrate the customer the benefits of multi-channel offer, the company has opened a drive-in for goods collections.

“Compared to small retailers we are large, compared to the great we are against small,” says Andreas Müller, CEO of Muller Expert in Saarwellingen together the condition of its business. Along with the online business branded Deltatecc Müller has annual sales of over 20 million euros. That’s a lot for an Expert dealer with just one space market, but compared with the level of sales of large electronics online retailers clearly a different order. The multiform formation of his company – as a retail operator, eBay traders and online store – uses Andreas Müller but sent in order to achieve changing synergy rootedness in the composite group Expert also gives the online business additional shopping weight and confidence; Online customers from Saarland in turn know the steady presence of electronics dealer appreciate.

The multichannel summary does Expert Müller also the marketing increasingly at the center: as the electronics store in its advertising flyers presented confidently as “Saarland’s biggest online retailer for consumer electronics.” Conversely, the 400 square meter Expert’s Shop is called outlet store and showroom of the online merchant in Deltatecc shop. “By right next to the retail warehouse with approximately 15,000 articles, we have a very high availability,” says Andreas Müller. Ins customer conversation one could as well involve online article and retrieve quickly from the camp. To illustrate the resulting from the combination of stationary and online business benefits the end customer even more, Expert Müller ado made the end of 2014 from its pick-up desk and associated parking a “drive-in”. “I have read media reports about the Drive-in Media Markt seen and thought: we can do better,” explains Andreas Müller.


With Drive-in: The Deltatecc warehouse in Saarwellingen

eBay Main Street

Andreas Müller, deltatecc & eBay Main Street (Quelle: Facebook)

eBay Main Street

eBay Main Street & Andreas Müller von deltatecc

eBay as a pioneer for online success

The advertising gimmick with the Drive-in is a good example of how cleverly it is understood by the Saarland, to adapt to the progressive change in the trade. Once founded by the father Expert company operating in Saarland three electric shops, this came over the years another six mobile phone shops. Meanwhile Expert Müller has all stationary shops – separately – to the Specialists at the company headquarters in Saarwellingen. “Compared to the size of the Saarland there is an oversupply of space markets,” says Andreas Müller. “And after the offline business has always less fun, we have just increased our focus on online.”

A key role was played by eBay. 2003 went Deltatecc as PowerSeller for consumer electronics at the start and became one of the largest eBay retailer in the area. As eBay 2009 the daily deal format Wow! Offerings launched, Deltatecc belonged to the tribe sellers. Also in the German eBay headquarters in Dreilinden the word of Andreas Müller and his brother and co-CEO Philip today some weight. “We know exactly what product we have to offer on what day and at eBay at which time, thus optimally funktoniert the offer,” explains Müller.

Expert partner, online retailers and eBay sellers in one person: Andreas Müller

Expert partner, online retailers and eBay sellers in one person: Andreas Müller

The eBay know-how of Deltatecc makes meanwhile also about their own business also paid: the company operates the brand stores a number of manufacturers to which we have built over the years a close relationship. These include Garmin, Devolo and Blaupunkt, but also Villeroy & Boch. The eBay store of Deltatecc also acts as a “traffic vehicle” for their own online store of electronics dealer: “The strong focus on eBay helps us a lot for us, this is much better than purely engage in price wars in the network.” Müller explains. That Media Markt and Saturn now have our own reseller accounts on eBay and thereby occur sometimes belonging to the price pedal, he sees with mixed feelings: “After all, it opens new doors for the supplier, that Media-Saturn is now on eBay. ”

Not involved in the online merchandise catalog Expert

With many years of eBay experience and Deltatecc-Online Shop Expert Müller is one of the few members in the composite group with real e-commerce expertise. That the Expert Office long for a “ecommerce light” sat and the end of 2014 instead of the promised webshops launched just one online merchandise catalog , Andreas Müller is not problematical but: Instead of participating in the e-commerce solution the composite group reflects Expert Müller on his website simply Deltatecc online Store. “I think it will be so in the future that in the composite groups only individual dealers operate real e-commerce,” said the entrepreneur. For a successful online business, it need after all to another end user focus. Initiatives at the central level would remain on the other hand still mainly restricted to online marketing activities, says Andreas Müller. For him, it is clear “. The current strategy of the Center is focused primarily on an exhaust vapors of online migration True online Hopper as our target group, can thus not win.” (mh)